iHotel PMS: Online Propert Management System. Manage Single or Multiple Accommodations

iHotel is a cloud Property Management System that meets the needs of each accommodation.
The iHotel features and supports:

  1. Complete Front Desk
  • Innovative Reservation’s Management System
  • Interactive Reservation Plan
  • Availability Plan
  • Arrivals & Departures Plan
  • Housekeeping Management System
  • Main Courante
  1. Integrated BackOffice PMS
  • Multiple Price Periods
  • Creating Dynamic Special Offers
  • Manage Travel Agents, Tour Operator & Channels.
  • CRM System
  • Rooms & Supplements Management System
  1. Accounting Management
  • Advance Payment’s Management System
  • Audit Trail for all Financial Transactions
  • Invoicing – Issue Vouchers & Receipts
  • Connection with Bookkeeping Systems (Accounting)